prfutball case study

Prfutball Case Study

A new sport hub for football fans and football prediction enthusiast approached us to help them boost visibility in social media and drive traffic to their website.


The challenge

  • A new football hub business have razor-thin profit margins, which means that every dime they invest into marketing needs to have a strong likelihood of producing a return. There’s not much to waste.
  • The strongest challenge in this case was the fact that there wasn’t much room for error.


Our Approach

  • We started off by testing a variety of different ads creative, targeting segments, and placements. This helped us find a few combinations that delivered the most visibility for Prfutball in terms of social media fan base. Once the fan base was established, we started growing the engagement rates of posts.
  • The strategy we use to get public interest was the introduction the Prfutball FPL Challenge, the aim of the campaign was to connect the new Prfutball Brand to football lovers, this goal was achieved as over 1000 people participated in the challenge and they were also redirected to a whatsapp group which is the 1st step to customers loyalty to the Prfutball brand community.
  • Another strategy we used to get in front of new customers was behavioral targeting. We implemented geographic targeting of ads, Lookalike Audiences, and Brand awareness to get the best out of our ads.
  • On social media, images become “stale” faster than they do on other channels because of the speed of content consumption on social platforms, so we implement video content more frequently.

Custom Ad Video

Designing the website

prfutball website case study
prfutball case study

Now, let’s talk results.

  • We drove 5,000 people to Prfutball page with a single campaign on twitter.
  • We also doubled Facebook reach within one week and monetized new fans
  • Just one campaign drove more than 196,000 conversions at the start of the 2019/2020 season.
  • We boosted post engagement by 400%.
prfutball case study 3
prfutball case study 2
prfutball case study
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