Horbtech Branding

Horbtech Education Startup 

When Horbtech came to us, they were looking for new ways to reach public-sector clients. Many conventional marketing strategies don’t work for government clients, and the Intercontinental Edu-tech firm was looking for new ways to deliver their message to government agencies and other prospective clients.

Although the firm’s team has put in place several effort before they met us but they weren’t getting the exposure or traction they needed to reach a wider market and grow faster. They were, for all intents and purposes, “invisible.”

Online marketing is a more powerful way to market to the government

The challenge

  • We began by conducting a detailed assessment of Horbtech goals, current marketing and competitive landscape. We also spoke to the decision maker, who impact the type of and volume of business Horbtech could do with the government.
  • Right away, we recognized a huge opportunity — Horbtech was not meaningfully leveraging their considerable unique selling point. While they had their strategy in place but they didn’t have a marketing system in place that will allow those assets turn them into true thought leadership. We knew we could change that.


Our Approach

  • We repositioned them to make some of the firm’s standout features more visible, e.g. the user core benefits and the value of their solution.
  • We helped jump start their user’s experience program with a wealth of new content, such as user’s testimony and create critical visibility opportunities where we knew their prospects would see them.

Now, let’s talk results.

  • Cooperate Rebranding
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Implementation Plan
  • Guide Design & Content Production
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Video Production

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