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The year 2020 is almost coming to an end and traditional advertising is no longer the focus of companies or organizations in marketing their services or products. Anyone who is still depending on just offline advertising is missing out on a whole lot.

A lot of people are beginning to embrace entrepreneurship and business are sprouting out continuously and there is the need to create awareness about a new product.

This is the why entrepreneurs advertise their products. Advertising is one of the ways through which brands can create awareness about their products and they have to do this properly in order to generate leads and get returns on investment.

Recent studies reveal that 70% of businesses get most of their leads through social media and about 58% of marketing agents admit that through social media channels, they have been able to boost their sales over several years.

About 45% of the people who use internet today say they are usually attracted to buy form brands that advertise online.

Since the past 3 years, the percentage of people who search for products to by online has increased to about 31%. This is a proof that, social media has played so much role in the lives of people in this contemporary world.

It is true that traditional advertisement methods like TV ads, radio ads and word of mouth are perhaps more popular than social media ads, but there is a likelihood of things to change within a short time to come as many social media platforms are becoming highly dominated by several brands and businesses.




Bear in mind that a lot of people are using technology now than ever before. The use of mobile gadgets has increased.

PAYFORT company which specializes on online usage said that, an average consumer spends about six hours online daily.

Surprisingly, more and more people prefer to use their phones and computers to do whatever they want than spend time in from of television or spend time listening to radio. In fact, a lot of people now prefer to watch their favourite TV shows on Netflix.



A large percentage of the people who come online everyday actually spend most of their time on social media platforms. This makes it easier to reach more people through this means.

Social media advertisement is quite cheaper than other forms of advertisement. This is because, traditional advertisement will cost you money for designs, printing of materials, as well as publicity.

With a little financial investment, you can reach a larger audience on social media than it is with traditional advertisement. It is actual more convenient and even faster to advertise online.


Traditional advertisement will sometimes demand that you spend time and money to deliver say newspapers to customers. It is even costlier to advertise on radio and television or setting up a bill board.

For example, you can run ads with as cheap as $2 and your ads will still reach people. You can even choose to stop your ads form running or leaving it running just as you want. It is so flexible and affordable.


Social media advertisement helps you to target the right audience and reach them. This is quite different form traditional advertisement which does not guarantee that the right audience will always be able to see your advertisement and relate to it.

In fact, you may not be able to tell who exactly will see your ads. But social media ads can be particularly directed to your audience and it can be seen by them.

Facebook ads is presently one of the most effective and efficient ways to target your audience. It allows you to filter the location, age, gender, language, address and even status of your audience.


If your ideal audience are women within the age of 18 to 45 who are interested in human hair products, a Facebook add can target them.

Apart from Facebook, other social media platforms also allow you to run ads that are targeted at the right audience.




With social media ads, you can see data and be able to strategize your business properly. While traditional form of marketing may keep you confused as to why your ads didn’t convert as expected, social media ads will present you the data that you need for proper analysis and serves as a guide for you to take better action in regard to your business.

Most social media platforms actually have analytics that specifies who saw your ads, when they saw it, how many people it reached, the number of people who clicked, the amount of time they spend viewing your ads and so on.


Data is actually a very important resource for any marketer as it will be a guide on how campaigns can be structured to bring about proper planning and strategy on how to run a successful ad that converts the next time.



It is far more effective to engage leads and transform them into paying customers on social media. On social media, you can interact with customers and get to know their perception about your product or service.

This is quite difficult to achieve with traditional advertising. Social media platforms help to build a great customer relationship between companies or organizations and their customers. It helps to build trust and enhance credibility about a company’s goods or services.

Social media marketing provides the opportunity for you to establish your company as an expert in a particular field or area.

Apart from publishing ads for your products and services, you can also promote blogs and other free downloadable contents which provide people with useful information and also promote your brand in their minds. With this, they would prefer to always buy from your company when the need arises.

Social media ads give customers the chance to like a product and take action immediately by clicking learn more or sign up. This is quite interesting.


It is great if your business has a website with great blog contents. In fact, for effectiveness, your business should have a website. When you make post on social media platform, you can simply link that content to your website.



In running advertisement on social media platforms, you should keep the following in mind.

  1. Expertise: people are always looking of those who are really specialized in what they do. They want to be sure that they are paying to get great value in return.

Show customers that you can competently deliver on the services they want. This will keep the image of your business resonating in the minds of your customers.

Work at becoming their go to company for the type of services you render or the type of product you sell.

  1. Engagement: customers often visit social media sites to interact with your product and with other customers. Ensure that your post is very relational. Be human as much as possible. Ensure you engage with posts, comments and replies.


  1. Entertainment: People enjoy being entertained. Always ensure that, the information you provide on your social media platform is important. Make it informative and interesting too. Let your content be engaging and it should as well aim at creating brand awareness.



There are several social media platforms. There is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter among others.

Study the kind of people who visit these platforms and determine where you have the right audience to advertise to. If your contents have to do with a lot of graphical displays, then Instagram will be great.


If your services demand that you write articles and have to engage with professionals, then LinkedIn will be fine. Just get to know your audience and meet them exactly where they are.


When you run adverts or posts contents on social media platforms, ensure you engage consistently with leads or customers.

Ensure you provide value and as well show your expertise in your content. It is great to want to sell, but ensure you engage with them in a manner that they can perceive that you want to help them.

Always answer the questions asked by your customers. And in a situation where you don’t know the answer, be sincere to let them know. This will build customer’s trust for your brand. Just ensure you are helping as much as possible and it will be easier to convert leads.

It is very important to always respond to comments on social media platforms. Respond to negative comments intelligently.

Others will notice this and commend your maturity. You will need so much of emotional intelligence to relate with people both online and offline. Never abandon your comment sessions.

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