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Facebook is the largest social media platform with about 2 billion followers, that is why many businesses leverage on this platform to promote their businesses.

They do so by paying Facebook to run ads. A lot of people have also made money from this platform by getting paid to run Facebook ads.


Paying for Facebook ads in Naira has been a challenge for many Nigerians and even foreign nationals.

By the time you are through reading this post, you should never have any challenge again paying for Facebook ads in Nigeria without indigenous currency using either verve card, master card or visa card.

Facebook has been a very reliable advertising social media platform for entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are looking for ways to succeed in their businesses and attract customers.

Before now, it was only possible to pay for Facebook ads with the US dollar. This meant that, we could only buy and run Facebook ads in Nigeria with dollars.

This was quite expensive and wasn’t so easy as some business owners incurred debts, got their debit cards rejected at some points plus the challenge of monthly international spend limit.


These problems gained solution for Nigerians in March, 2017 when a third party payment processor known as PAYU became possible and useable. PAYU allowed all naira debit cards including Visa, Verve and Master Debit Cards to make payment on it.

PAYU was more of an intervention because business owners didn’t have to worry anymore about paying in dollar, owing debts or facing the consequences of the Naira to Dollar dwindling exchange rates.

This blog post has been created to help business owners who want to run Facebook ads through Facebook ads account that accepts naira payments.

I hope this solves your problem of advertising since you can easily create your own advertising on Facebook and pay in naira. When you are charged in naira, it is cheaper than being charged in dollar.



  1. You will find most of your customers on Facebook. Bear in mind that 80% of all internet users use Facebook.

This means that, if you run Facebook ads, you can actually reach a lot of persons on Facebook. In reaching a larger audience, you are more likely to generate leads and convert.

  1. Facebook advertising is an excellent means of advertising because it is very targeted. You will have the ability to reach your exact customers.
  2. Facebook advertising is very cheap. With Facebook advertising, you can reach as much as 1000 people with as cheap as $5.
  3. Advertising through Facebook is a great way to increase your brand awareness. You will be able to reach a whole lot of people who will get to know about your product or service.
  4. You can also attract more traffic to your website through Facebook adverting. To achieve this, you can run a website click campaign in order to target your audience on and direct them to your website.
  5. Since a lot of people are on Facebook, there is a possibility of you increasing your revenue, sales and leads through Facebook adverts.
  6. When you run Facebook ads, your success is measurable. You are able to see the number of impressions, reach and clicks on your ads. This will help you make better decisions and strategize well on how to run your business further.
  7. Facebook adverts can bring about continuous and repeated sales. This is possible because, people who have purchased from you before can still be reached by Facebook using their audience feature.

You can even import the emails of your customers into your Facebook advertising campaign. With this, you are able to advertise directly to the audience who is likely to buy form you.

  1. With Facebook advertising, you can build engagement with your target audience. Engagements generally encompasses likes, comments and general interactions on your advertisements.

The reason engagement is important is because it enhances a very strong connection between business owners and their audience. As potential customers engage with your brand, there is a level of familiarity that is created between you and them.

This will imprint your brand in their minds and make you the go-to whenever they need your product or service.


In an attempt to run ads on Facebook, Nigerians face some challenges. Some of these challenges includes:

  1. The challenge of ATM cards restrictions by Nigerian banks.
  2. Inability to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria with the naira denomination. Facebook has rectified this as they accept naira presently.
  3. How to create ads to reach the right audience?
  4. The rate of Dollar to Naira is high and so it will result in much expenses.

I have succeeded in letting you know the challenges involved in running ads on a dollar Facebook advertising account. The next thing I want to do is to teach you how best to buy advertising campaigns in naira. It will be better to fund your naira Facebook ad account before you begin to create and run ads so that you don’t have to be indebted to Facebook.


Ensure you already have a Facebook page or you can create one.


  1. Log on to using your mobile device or computer system and from your home page, click on the menu. When you click on the menu, it displays your pages and other information in your account.
  2. Find and click on create ads. The moment you do so, a billboard account is going to show automatically for you.
  3. Navigate to the settings icon on the top of your screen then click it to be redirected to your settings page.
  4. The moment you are in your settings page, click on payment option.
  5. From your payment option page, select to point out payment options for Nigeria or else, you will not find the Naira open-end credit option.
  6. Nigeria will be selected automatically for you and their different options will be displayed. Choose Prefer to pay with Naira open-end credit option.
  7. Next thing is, you will be shown a crop up where you are to input the amount of money you would like to fund your Facebook ad account with. (Note that, you can actually pay as low as #100). You will then be redirected to PayU payment page where you will be required to input the following.
  • Your 16 digit card number
  • The name on your debit card
  • Your card expiration month or year
  • Your Card’s CCV which is the three digits at the back of your debit card.



  • If all the information you have inputted is correct, you will be required to input a One time Pin (OTP) which will the sent to the phone number that is attached to your bank number. You may also use hardware token if you have one.

Some banks actually require that you register with them in order to be able to do some online transactions.

If Facebook blocks your open-end credit for any reason, since PayU is a third party payment processor, you can use your blocked card to fund your account through it.

Note that you can fund with your verve card as well as your master card.


Presently, there are two methods used in paying for Facebook ads in naira.

  1. You can pay through your domiciliary account or through payment agents in Nigeria. With your dorm account, you can ask for a dollar card which can be added to your Facebook payment data base so that you can make payment for the Facebook ads.


  1. You can also pay using trusted online payment agents. They can help you make payment when you send the naira equivalent of the total amount you should pay Facebook. Note that, you will have to pay the online payment agents.



Facebook allows you to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria using PayPal. Currently, PayPal allows Nigerians to own and also fund PayPal accounts.


In order to be able to use PayPal as a means of payment on Facebook, it demands that you add your PayPal account to your Facebook payment account page.

This is actually very fast because it allows you to use the money in your PayPal account to directly pay for Facebook ads.


First city Monument Bank (FCMB) and Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) are the two banks in Nigeria that allows you to use the conventional debit master cards to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria.


The only disadvantage is that; they limit you to the Naira equivalent of $100 monthly. This means that, you will be charged the equivalent in naira.

I want to believe that you have gotten great value from this blog post. If you have questions to ask or you want to learn more on how to run a successful Facebook ad, contact us.

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