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With all sincerity, it is important to state here that copywriting demands a lot of work, but it is also possible to learn it and become a pro at it. It is scarier especially for beginner copywriters who don’t have any experience in advertisement or content marketing.


A good copy is actually one that propels customers to take action by buying a product without making them feel you just want to get money from them.


4 Ways To Win Over Customers And Boost Your Sales


A copy should be able to persuade customers to either sign up for a newsletter, schedule a call or download an information product. It is aimed at drawing the interest of customers to your brand and making them engage with your brand.


It will take a lot of practice for you to properly master this skill, but consistency in learning and practice will help you go a long way in perfecting this skill.


In this blog post, I have outlined and explained some tips you should take note of as you embark on your journey to becoming an expert in copywriting.


  1. Try to master short form copy


In learning how to write copies, you should try to master short copy. It could be a short email sales letter or a short Facebook ad that is interesting and persuading. Learn to craft brief and summarized paragraphs, headlines and taglines.


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While we have long copy and short copy, it is advisable to master how to write short copies that are catchy when starting out as a copywriter. A lot of craft is needed for you to be able to write a long mail piece or a copy for a landing page or a long blog post.


You don’t have to get agitated about writing long copies. Short copies can also make as much impact as long copies. You don’t have to feel intimidated when you read or see long copies. Just craft a short one that you can.


Your confidence level is likely to increase when you write short captivating copies and you get compliments.


2. Keep on writing


When you want to start a career in copywriting, one thing that is important is that, you should keep writing. Continuous practice makes perfection.


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You can practice by sending cold email to potential clients. Medium is great for articles, answering questions on Quora will help you. You can join groups on Reddit and begin to blog. The more you write, the more you improve.


3. Write clearly


It is important that when you are writing a copy, write clearly. Write as though you are talking directly with your customer.


Speak to them as though you know their current challenge in relation to your niche and let them know how you intend to help them. Copy is a straight and direct conversation with your customer so you should ensure that you make it more like a dialogue.


You don’t have to speak in academic and difficult terms when writing copies. Use the best understandable language that your audience can relate to.


If you want to market your umbrella, for example to a potential customer who may be saying this…


“I am tired of the scorching sun in this season. I wish I could just find a solution to this.”


If you want to write a copy in line with this, you could write it this way…Save yourself from the hot and scorchy sun. get an umbrella.


4. Write the way you talk


You don’t have to be too mechanical when writing a copy. Copywriting has nothing to do with academic writing. In copywriting, you should write as simple and understandable as possible. Your copy should be conversational and compelling.


What Makes SpeakWrite Different From Other Transcription Companies?


You don’t have to write long and complicated paragraph. Even a one sentence paragraph is great. You don’t have to try to sound too smart in your copy; your customers will notice it and feel uninterested.


5. Study your audience and know who they are


It is very important you understand your audience very well in order to be able to write a copy that will capture their minds. You should understand their desires, fears, and challenges. You should know what exact solution they are looking for.


How to Identify Your Target Audience for Better Marketing - ALPHATRAD WORLDWIDE| Enabling On-Brand Global Business Through Languages & Technology


A lot of emerging copywriters make the mistake of writing for themselves. They spend so much time talking about their business, products and prospects and ignore their customers in their copies.


If you can understand the challenges and desire of your audience, it will be very easy for you to connect with them and this will make your copy productive.


6. Give your customers solution


As a new copywriting it is important for you to know that, people don’t usually want to be sold to. Rather, they want information and solutions. They want something really interesting.


How To Earn Money Solving Problems Online: People Want Solutions


They will back out the moment you come to them as though you want to collect their money. What you need to communicate to your customers, is what they stand to benefit from your product or service.


You should be able to answer these questions in your copy


  • How can you be of help to your target audience?
  • Why should they choose you?
  • How well do you understand their pain point?


7. Do A Competitor Research


Before you begin to write a copy, blog post or article, it is important you do a research. You can do this by taking a particular keyword you want to write on then google it and read through the blogs of other people or companies that rank high.


This will help you to know what readers or customers are currently looking for.


How to perform competitor analysis | Brand24 Blog


For example, if you want to write an article like this one you are reading, it is important you take note of how long the blogpost is, the additional resources used (e.g graphs or pictures), the types of guides offered and the format of the page.


As much as possible, don’t copy the top posts you see. All you need to do is to make your copy, article or blogpost more informative and value filled.


Just join the ideas you have gotten from other blogposts or copies and create something catchier and interesting. Pay good attention to your caption, introduction and the body of your copy.


8. Read your copy aloud to yourself


When you are done writing a copy, it is important to read it aloud to yourself. Then put yourself in the position of a potential customer.


One Weird Trick for Better Writing: Read Your Work Aloud


Can your copy compel you to take an action? If your own copy does not interest you or point out any benefit to you, then don’t expect it to be different with your customers.


Your copy should not sound like you are taking to an abstract person. It should not be too intellectual. Your copy should be able to directly and convincingly speak to your customers.


9. Edit your copy after writing


It is not good to just write a copy and ditch it out to customers.  I don’t think you would want to take a look at your copy later on after you have published it only to realize that, you made certain mistakes or they were some ambiguous word usages.


4 Ways to Copyedit and Proofread Written Work - wikiHow


As much as possible, try to shorten sentences and correct grammatical or spelling errors. Grammarly app will be of great help in editing your copy.


10. Master a niche


As a beginner, it is important you choose a niche improve your copywriting skills in that niche in order to master it. If it is education.


Find Profitable Niches: Mega List of 2,531+ Niches & Micro Niches | Nh


Technology, fashion, digital marketing or finance, just pick one niche. It will make people consider you more as an authority in that area.


Mastering a niche means that you have to learn to tell very good stories. Interview people when necessary and tell captivating stories that they can relate to.


11. Create a buyer’s persona


It is important for you to create a buyer’s persona. Create the picture of who you want to sell to. Choose a name, assign an age, gender, location. Create the unique characteristics of your potential customers. Understand your target audience.


How to Create a Concrete Buyer Persona (with Templates & Examples)


Make effort to understand what motivates them to buy. Ensure you direct your copy to the persona you have created. Ensure you speak directly to them. Let them feel that you are talking to them directly.


12. Register for a high income Copywriter program


Do you want to learn how to write great and compelling copies and get financially liberation from writing copies, Springital offers a high income certification in copywriting?


We will take you through an intensive training program that will equip you with all the necessary skills you need to become an expert in copy writing.


This is one skill that will set you on the pathway to growing a sustainable financial life.


In conclusion, mastering any skill demands great commitment and consistency. Ensure you follow the steps mentioned and explained above in order to master the art of copywriting.


You should also enroll for our high income copywriter programme and get empowered with the best copywriting skills ever.

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