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7 Proven ways to find international buyers for real estate

Are you looking for how to attract international buyers for your property? Or how to market your real estate business.

If you have been waiting to list your home for sale, THE TIME IS NOW!

Today’s real estate market is no longer just a local business, now it’s global. Recent fluctuations in our currency valuation have made this even more apparent and have made properties extremely attractive to foreign home buyers and investors.

The first step is recognizing the importance of this niche. Then once you appreciate how important and critical it is, you will want to integrate this marketing into your monthly and long range business plan, and create a steady budget for it.

step by step guide on how to grow your business online

Now let’s get started

1. Know your customer

When you receive a referral, learn as much as possible about the person, his country of origin, his business, or any other important aspects of his life.

This is at the heart of connection. However, if your clients are flying in from outside the area, do not let them out of your sight until they have signed an offer.

This is especially true in the ultra-luxury market where competing agents aggressively pursue high-net-worth clients.

2. Go Mobile because Global clients are mobile clients

International buyers are on the go, likely making cell phones and tablet their preferred forms of staying in touch with the world.

Ensure that your videos and photos can be viewed easily from smaller screens. Consider developing an international sales app as part of your marketing plan to attract more buyers.

We specialize in getting homes SOLD using our successful Global Marketing strategies reaching millions of qualified home buyers.

We use the internet, and don’t just rely on the listing platform. Over 90% of home buyers start their home search on the Internet.

Some real estate agencies believe taking a listing means putting it online and praying and wishing for the phone to ring. At Springital we know that marketing works best when it is consistent and integrated.

Our dominant online presence ability offers maximum exposure for your home, reaching millions of potential buyers and investors from Coast to Coast and around the Globe.

We ensure that your property receives the best Internet exposure possible by strategically placing your home on Social Media and high traffic Mega Listing sites such as Zillow, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Find Real Estate and thousands of real estate web sites worldwide.


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3. Invest in the Right Technology

Invest in the technologies your clients are using. Make your real estate website platform mobile responsive and optimized for capturing leads from the markets you specialize in through effective keyword and geo targeting.

Really exploit your cultural niche, and what you have to offer for foreign investors. Create content that people from different cultures can relate to, and would entice them into your market.

To make sure you have access to the right collaboration tools to ensure information we use latest Internet technology to increase the quality of traffic to your property by turning potential customers into a new clients through Google software.

When a buyer sees your property on your website the software lets us identify them. If the potential client have visited your website but left without contacting you, we will retarget them by showing your property to those viewers who have visited your website recapturing interest and bringing them back.

As the potential customers continue to search the web after they have left your site, they will find your property listings ‘following’ them based on the searches they conduct.

Seeing your property ads multiple times as the buyer browse the web keeps your home top-of-mind as that buyer gets closer to the moment of decision.

4. International clients want international expertise

If you are going to compete in the global luxury market, you must also be familiar with not only what is happening domestically, but what is happening internationally.

International real estate buyers often comparison shop, not only between cities, but between countries as well.

To make your home appealing to foreign buyers, you’ll have to do a little more than hire the average online marketers, “Align yourself with online marketing agency with broad understanding of foreign buyers.”

Our clients benefit from our great team of experienced internet marketer which allow us to serve and attract a global clientele.

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5. Speak Their Language and Develop Cultural Sensitivity

Speaking an international buyer’s language shows respect for your buyer. Adding a video in their language to your website can deepen that impression.

Include advertisements in a potential buyer’s language in magazines and newspapers in their home country or foreign-language newspapers. Magazines printed in multiple languages can also showcase your property.

Even if you don’t speak the language, make sure your website can be translated by search engines. You might even hire a translator or multilingual sales agents.

Being aware of the cultural background of your clients will help you understand their buying needs and preferences.

Receiving cultural training, researching cultural nuances of your clients, or even speaking at least some of their language will increase your influence markedly.

6. Be their concierge and their adviser

International real estate clients need your advice. Help them navigate through the complex process of purchasing in the country.

The means you will position yourself all in one agency when they need the service of providers, including inspectors, title, repair people, attorneys, bankers, high-net-worth advisers or anyone the client may need to close the transaction.

Your clients want to know that you are an expert and that they can rely on you to handle all aspects of the transaction. It’s also helpful to create a guide to purchasing in your area.

Develop a reputation for being a disseminator of accurate information and for providing concierge-style service.

step by step guide on how to grow your business online

7. Host a Party

Wanting to sell to an international buyer may mean not wanting to publicly market a home, especially if it’s a high-end property.

However, an invitation-only party gets people in the door for a soft sale. Use the international basis as the theme or foundation of your party.

For example, a sushi bar can set the backdrop for Japanese clients. Using the walls to display various pieces of art might attract European buyers.

When you’re ready to attract international real estate buyers through online marketing choose experienced agency with proven marketing plan to market your home locally and internationally.


FREE TIPS: Make Connections

Drawing international property buyers means being well-connected. If you sell luxury properties, get in touch with upscale jewelry designers and car dealers who handle the same type of client you’re looking for.

When you meet with a client, get to know him as well as his property requirements, hobbies and culture.

Be ready with recommendations for attorneys, decorators, designers, title insurers, bankers and other professionals who might be needed to help close a deal.

 On a concluding note:

Poising yourself for internationalization or expanding regionally should be on your radar. You never know when the right opportunity will open a prime market for entry.

While you should be making an effort to understand the cultural nuances of the markets you are entering, and the people coming to you for your expertise, don’t go too far.

Remember that some of your most valuable traits will be your transparency, and honesty, and customers will appreciate this no matter where in the world they are looking to invest, or investing from.

How do you work with international clients, or in a multicultural team? What tips, information or challenges do you feel are worth sharing? Leave us a note in the comments.

 Springital is one of the top online marketing & lead generation agencies in the world. We help small and big real estate agency get more leads, sales and achieve their marketing goals.

How do we do it? With various strategies and processes such as content creation, social media marketing, conversion rates optimization and more.

If you want your business to get more leads, don’t hesitate to contact Springital so we can start studying your target market and your competitors. Then, we’ll help you define a marketing strategy. This is not it. We go further than just consulting. We execute the strategies for you to your processes will be automated and you’ll get leads and sales semi-automatically.

step by step guide on how to grow your business online


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